Marzamemi is a small seaside resort very much appreciated for its beaches and old-world charm that has managed to be maintained over time.

Even Marzamemi, like the rest of the south-eastern coast, has developed a certain vocation for tourism, even allowing visitors evening entertainment and nightlife.

The town par excellence beach is the big beach, a long coastline of white sand lapped by a sea that takes on colors ranging from turquoise to green. Here different beach resorts are present but large areas have been maintained for free use.

Further south, on the other hand is another beautiful coastline, the beach of Morghella, largely free but also has bathing establishments to liven up the atmosphere.

Nearby is another beautiful beach, known as the Cavettone beach, where the water fresh and laps on the shore of soft golden sand, a lovely place in the south-eastern Sicily.

Where to sleep 
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